Letizia, in Spanish red in Los Angeles: the Cervantes and the Pedro Almodóvar Library

Doña Joy is in Los Angeles. The first act on the agenda that he faces in the mecca of cinema has been a meeting at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute to analyze Spanish in the United States, a language that has 60 million speakers. Around 5:00 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. Spanish) she has started her work program.

The Instituto Cervantes in Los Angeles, whose opening will be presided over by the Queen, is the first on the west coast of the United States. Luis García Montero, director of the institution and the writer Luisgé Martín, in charge of the Los Angeles headquarters, will report on the lines of work and objectives. The event will take place this Tuesday, December 13 at 10:00 (local time).

For her welcome meeting, Letizia has worn Spanish red in its most vibrant version. She has chosen a Carolina Herrera coat, which she wore as a cape over her shoulders; and she has paired the piece with an ensemble by Argentine designer Roberto Torretta. It is a fitted jacket with matching bell-cut pants, which she likes a lot and which she has reused on many occasions.

King’s House

Plaque, book of honor and tribute to Pedro Almodóvar

Felipe VI’s wife is expected to unveil a commemorative plaque and visit the facilities, located at 3375 Barham Blvd. In addition, she will sign the center’s honor book, sources from the institute report.

In addition, during the event, a recorded message from the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who will give its name to the Cervantes library, will be screened. The Manchego director is known in the United States for his filmography, which was awarded two Oscars: Best Foreign Film in 1999 for all about my mothere, and Best Original Screenplay in 2003, for Talk to her.

Accompanying the Queen, in addition to García Montero, are the Spanish ambassador to the United States, Santiago Cabanas, and those responsible for the other centers and classrooms in the country (in New York, Chicago, Harvard, Boston, Albuquerque, Seattle, El Paso). .

With the inauguration in Los Angeles, presided over by Letizia, an end is put to “the anomaly caused by the absence of a Cervantes in California, land of progress.” These were the words that Pedro Sánchez pronounced at the University of California (UCLA) in 2021. The new center, said the President of the Government, “aspires to be the home of Hispanics and Hispanics in California”, the state with the highest absolute number Hispanics: More than 15 million, according to the Census Bureau.