Maximum harmony between the two first ladies: Letizia y Jill Bidenwho coincided on Monday the 19th in London at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, met this Wednesday the 21st in New York, at the Columbia University Cancer Research Center.

With an affectionate greeting, Dr. Biden, wife of the President of the United States, Joe Bidenhas received the wife of Philip VI. The meeting, on the AECC’s World Cancer Research Day, which is celebrated on September 24, is the first to take place outside of Spain. The city of New York has been the host of these conferences to highlight the importance and global cooperation of cancer research.

“Thank you Dr. Biden, dear Jill, for your continued support of cancer research.” With these words of affection, the queen began her speech in English, which continued with a reference to their meeting in Spain, at the NATO summit: “During your visit to Madrid, very recently, all of us who are part of the Spanish Association Against Cancer we were able to verify the strength and determination of your commitment and the inspiring impulse of your words”.

Doña Letizia has chosen brand new and has chosen an emblematic New York firm, Ralph Lauren. It is a one-piece lady dress with a shirt cut with a mini belt, which has been wearing a pleated skirt that has been the latest trend for two winters. It has been the key ‘fashion’ detail of the queen with the host city.

Both Letizia and Biden have opted for white on their dresses and camel in their salons. A coincidence that draws attention. This color, loved by the French first lady Brigitte Macron (Meghan Markle also uses it a lot), projects light and illuminates the face and eyes. In addition, he invites reflection, creativity, learning and peace. It is the color of serenity. The color match between the queen and Biden also favors empathy. It is what they call in fashion the mirroring effect.