New York wears royals this week. After going to State funeral of Elizabeth IIdoña Joy has flown directly to the Big Apple to continue with his official agenda. He has done the same Rania from Jordanwhom we have curiously seen together with Thelma Ortizsister of our queen.

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The meeting of the sister-in-law of Philip VI and the wife of abdullah It took place during the Concordia 2022 summit, where several heads of state and different NGOs have gathered to build a more sustainable future.

Telma Ortiz was appointed head of disclosure and part of the executive office of Concordia earlier this year, as the association itself made public through its social networks. Hence, the photo of her with the queen of Jordan at said event.

Meanwhile, Letizia met with Jill Biden at the Cancer Research Center from Columbia University. “Thank you Dr. Biden, dear Jill, for your continued support of cancer research.” With these words of affection, the queen began her speech in English, which continued with a reference to their meeting in Spain, at the NATO summit: “During your visit to Madrid, very recently, all of us who are part of the Spanish Association Against Cancer we were able to verify the strength and determination of your commitment and the inspiring impulse of your words”.

It would be strange that, despite their busy schedules, the Ortiz sisters don’t take time out to be together and do some other plan in the ‘city that never sleeps’.

Such is Telma Ortiz

Queen Letizia’s sister has a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and has a long history in humanitarian work. Telma is usually jealous of her private and professional life. However, we know that she moved from Barcelona to Madrid, specifically to La Moraleja, to live with her boyfriend, the Irish lawyer Robert Gavin Bonnarwith whom she had her second daughter in August 2021.

His first offspring, Amandaalready a teenager, is the result of his previous relationship with the lawyer Enrique Martin Llopis. Gavin, meanwhile, is also the father of two children with Sharon Corr, Irish singer of the band The Corrs. The official confirmation of their courtship came in 2019, when they attended the Princess of Asturias Awards together. In January 2020, they attended the Goya Awards, which on this occasion were held in Malaga.