The arrival of Messi to PSG had generated the uncertainty of how much money the Argentine star was going to pocket in the French capital. As reported by L'Équipe in an exclusive information in its newspaper today, the Rosario will receive 110 million euros net for three seasons in case of fulfilling the entire contract he has signed with the Parisian team that are divided into two fixed years and another optional.

The 110 million would be distributed as follows: In his first season, that is to say, the current one, Messi will earn 30 million net. In the next two, the forward would receive 40 million per course. As confirmed by L’Équipe, Messi's salary is identical to Neymar's after signing his new contract this year and is higher than Mbappé's, since the French international has rejected, for the moment, all the contract extension proposals by PSG.

Of the 30 million net that Messi is receiving in Paris, one of them is paid in cryptocurrencies (Fan Token), after PSG reached an agreement with several companies to increase the expansion of its brand around the world. This payment method will provide the club with a profit of between 25 and 30 million per season thanks to the collaboration it is doing with, who had initially signed for less money, but the brand new signing of Messi caused a considerable increase in the amounts.

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What's more, The player, who did not receive a transfer bonus, benefits from a loyalty bonus amounting to 15 million euros gross, which would ultimately be 10 million net. Sources close to the player confirm that there is indeed no transfer premium. Messi's salary is identical to what he would have received at Barcelona if he continued, since he was willing to cut his salary by 50% to reach 30 million euros net per season.