Lequio’s first words after Ana Obregón becomes a mother by surrogacy

If there is someone who has not been caught by surprise by the news of Ana Obregona surrogate mother at age 68, is a Alessandro Lequio, the father of her biological son, who passed away in May 2020 from cancer. Just him and the actress’s sisters, Celia y Amaliawere aware of such news, as has been advanced Hola on his way out this Wednesday.

Aless Lequio’s father has been asked about it in the social circle of Ana Rosa’s programwhere he works: “With all the personal affection and the utmost professional respect, I hope you understand that I am not going to say anything about this topic. Not now or ever. I have expressed my opinion on surrogacy on several occasions, but today it would be understood in a only meaning and it’s absurd. That’s how I’m going to stay”.

He only added that he was aware of his decision: “I know everything.” The Italian commentator, with a serious face, has tried to contain his emotion while he asked for respect for the uncomfortable situation in which he finds himself. Following Aless’s death, the two have continued to support each other.

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Aless Lequio’s father has also opened Instagram this Wednesday morning, but to congratulate Maria Palacios, his wife, for her 45th birthday. “Many congratulations my Mery”. He has accompanied the publication with the hashtags #AlessForever and #LequioCity, the hashtags that she uses in each of his posts.

The space where he works has also openly dealt with the subject. Not only in the social circle, but also in the current affairs section, with which they open the program: “Ana Obregón has thought more of herself than of the interest of the minor”, she said Joaquín Prat. “You cannot use a child as a therapeutic tool,” he added Patricia Pardo. Ana Rosa Quintana, godmother of Lequio’s daughter, has not been so forceful and has said that “we all have friends” who resort to this practice to become parents. Yes, she has delved into the issue of age: “Regardless of the surrogate that opens the debate is Ana’s age.”

Surrogacy is illegal in Spain. Not in the United States. The presenter has become a surrogate mother in Miami, where she has been photographed leaving the hospital in a wheelchair and with the child in her arms. A really shocking image that she has generated on social networks.