Lequio, vilified in networks for his strange reflection on the Infanta Sofía: “What has this man drunk?”

Alessandro Lequiogreat-nephew of King Juan Carlos, usually shares his opinions on the monarchy and other current affairs on social networks. In his last post, she has talked about the infanta sofia, who will receive Confirmation in May. His reflection has been somewhat strange, since he has received answers for all tastes on the comment wall.

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“Confirmation Infanta Sofía. There is already a date for the confirmation of Infanta Sofía. The ceremony will take place on May 25, as is normal for the children of a Catholic family,” the Italian count wrote on Wednesday.

He then threw a dart at the queen letizia: “If a person is an atheist and their partner is a believer, they should not care if they were baptized and then received the rest of the sacraments. What happens is that many people confuse being an atheist with being anti-clerical, who, curiously, are against the Catholic religion and not against other religions”.

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Later, he added some controversial words: “And since we are talking about Sofia, allow me a reflection. What would happen if Sofia decided tomorrow that she wants to be a man?” He answered himself: “Since the Constitution maintains the prevalence of men over women in the succession order, then he would become Prince of Asturias and heir to the throne.”

Anyway… On the comment wall, some followers and Internet users wrote to him: “And if the Infanta Elena did it? What would happen to Felipe VI?”, “What has this man drunk? What a fabric”, “What they are taking is changing the Constitution and abolishing male supremacy” or “Those ideas, Mr. Lequio, are out of place. You seemed more correct and respectful to me, but I see that you are not. If you think about it, you are very free , but this opinion is in public because it is left over”.

Lequio and don Juan Carlos playing backgammon in 1986, in Baqueira. Photo shared by the collaborator in his networks

Lequio, a faithful Juancarlista, also spoke of the princess eleanor in Ana Rosa’s program. The heir to the throne will begin her military training at the General Military Academy (Zaragoza) in August: “I got tired of hearing that I was going to be the first woman to hold the supreme command of the Armed Forces (…) There is a historical precedent that no one has quoted.”

Thus, he explained that Queen Isabella II of Spain “exercised command because that was the way it was stated in the three constitutions that marked her reign: that of Cádiz in 1812 and the later ones of 1837 and 1845.” Lequio’s mother, the disappeared Sandra Torloniawas the first cousin of the king emeritus.