Lequio believes that his granddaughter does not carry his last name and thus defines his relationship with Ana Obregón: “There is nothing”

“That my son is once again the protagonist of today makes me angry,” has said Alessandro Lequio this Monday on his return to The Ana Rosa Program. His words separate him from the attitude of the mother-grandmother Ana Obregon because the Italian describes what is happening as “a tremendously sad situation”. Regarding her relationship with her, he clearly implies that “there is nothing”, which denies that they talk every day, as the biologist told a journalist this weekend. We already explained this Sunday that it is not that there is a bad or good relationship, it is that there is not, as the Italian now confirms.

Serious, thoughtful, thoughtful, short on words and worried. This is how Alessandro Lequio has reappeared on Telecinco. His gaze, empty, as if lost, said a lot. “Out of respect for my son, I’m not going to talk about him,” was right to say In addition, from education and respect, she has marked clear distances with her ‘grandmother’.

You haven’t even mentioned to the girl who has brought into the world Ana Obregon in Miami by surrogacy and which, according to the presenter, is conceived from the sperm of her son Aless, who died three years ago.

Alessandro has spoken from sadness but conclusions can be drawn from his few words if you like because they refer to the media tsunami that has invaded his family and his deceased son. “That my son is once again the protagonist of today makes me anger and sadness“. He has caught his breath to say: “I cannot hear a phrase from my son when I turn on the TV (…) I want to live this in privacy“, confesses the Italian.

Regarding his relationship with Ana Obregón, he has said that “there is nothing”, that is, that there is no relationship, although that also means that “there is no bad relationship”. Because there is neither bad nor good, as we said in this portal. Therefore, it is false, as was said, that I talk to her every day.

“I think Lequio is not a surname but a name”

The Italian aristocrat confesses that he does not know one hundred percent the name of the girl born by surrogacy but when asked about it, he replied: “I think Lequio is a name”, confirming the scoop advanced last April 1 by this portal and that this Sunday was corroborated after the program Fiesta (from the producer of Ana Rose also) read the adoption document live where the girl is registered and where it is said that the name the Ana Lequio and the surname Obregón.

Lequio has insisted that “this situation, like everything related to Aless, is tremendously sad, even complicated” and added that he feels “very pressured”. He understands that there is a great expectation for his words but he regrets to say that I will not tell more. “Each one mourns as he can and as he wants”, he manages to say, which is not little.

“When my son died, you have all witnessed that my only option has been silence. I have not commented on anything or shown what I felt. I have not said a word and I will continue to do so because it is what he would like Out of respect for him, I’m not going to comment on anything that affects him in any way. You know I’m like that and I’m not going to change. It’s the only thing I’m going to say,” he says.

“It makes me sad, angry, that my son is once again the protagonist of today. I want everyone to take it in their own way, but I cannot turn on the television and hear my son’s name because it hurts,” he says.

“I want them to know that I live this in the deepest intimacy, I don’t want to share it with anyone. My friends don’t ask me, nor does my family. I ask for respect, I respect it too,” he says. Regarding the comments about the relationship he has with Ana Obregón, he has spoken, and we are left with this sentence: “There is nothing”, that is, he confirms what was announced by this portal: “There is no bad or good relationship”: “No there is nothing”. He exactly has said that “there is no bad relationship, there is nothing, everything is fine, peace and love. Each one with his own,” he assures.