Leonor’s affectionate gesture with her mother on Don Felipe’s anniversary

Dose of social reality, diversity and bridges between society and the crown. This idea of ​​bringing the institution closer to the street is the axis that has structured the 10th proclamation of proclamation of Felipe VI. We have seen it when, out of script and out of script, the Kings and their daughters have gone out to the balcony of the Plaza de Oriente to greet the public. To celebrate this decade, the monarch has presented the decorations of the Order of Civil Merit. That is, distinctions that recognize the work of men and women who work for the common good in an exemplary manner and at the service of society.

Second act of this holiday for the King. The imposition of 19 decorations of the Order of Civil Merit (one for each community plus Ceuta and Melilla). His Majesty is accompanied by his wife, Letizia, and his daughters, Leonor and Sofía. We are in the Column Room of the Royal Palace.

We see the space crowded. It’s up to the mark. The President of the Government arrives, Pedro SanchezAnd his wife, Begoña Gómez. “Begoña!” is heard in the last row reserved for the press. Your attendance has been highly commented. Along with them, the highest powers of the State. Former president Mario Rajoy and his wife, Elvira Fernández, also attended; the presidents of Congress, Francina Armengol; and from the Senate, Pedro Rollán; and those from the Constitutional Court and General Council of the Judiciary. That is, representatives of positions throughout this decade.

The ceremony, well attended by the numerous recipients and their families, recognizes the efforts of anonymous people for their work in the service of society, whatever their field of work. This is the fourth edition of this event after those of 2015, 2019 and 2021.

This ceremony always leaves us with an image, a moment, a detail. The House with these decorations seeks to build bridges with society, get closer to people, to connect with all sectors of society, from work, economic, educational to cultural. It is also a way to celebrate the Monarch’s birthday in communion with that connection and reality. In other words, a King of closeness, of proximity. The detail has come from Leonor after the formation of group photography with her family and her award winners. The princess hugged her mother from behind in a gesture of affection.

Each of the distinguished men and women represents a territorial and sectoral balance, taking into account the criteria of age and equality. From the oldest person to the youngest. Among the winners, the president of the Al Idrissi Cultural Association of Ceuta, Abdelkader Chaib Haddu; Alejandro Gállego Cuevas, head of center service at the Cantabria Ministry of Education; the Archeology restorer of the Museum of Huesca María José Arbués; the director of the Real Banda de Gaitas de Ourense, Xosé Luis Foxo; the Founder and Partner of the IngeniaCity Company, Tamara Fernández, from Asturias; and the Executive President of Grupo AgroMallorca, Isabel María Vicens.