Leonor enjoys the Jaca festivities with her colleagues from La General

The Princess of Asturias finishes her last days at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza and takes the opportunity to enjoy every second to the fullest with the rest of her classmates, with whom she has established an extraordinary relationship. Last monday, Leonor He went with all of them to the Jaca festivities. Dressed in street clothes (black top, white jeans and a navy sweater tied at the waist), she tried to go unnoticed although she was recognized by some of the passers-by, who filmed her in one of the most fun attractions of any fair: the cars. crash.

Leonor enjoyed it like a child and laughed out loud while receiving the controlled blows from the rest of her teammates, all on the court. In the images shared by The Herald We see a 20-year-old young woman naturally enjoying a carefree night with her friends, a well-deserved rest after a very hard year at the military academy, where she has been described as “an exemplary student.” The last few months have also been very busy at an institutional level for the princess, who has taken on a special role since she turned 18 last October.

Far from the formality and protocol of the 10th Anniversary of her father’s Reign, which they celebrated last Wednesday with an agenda of special events, Leonor let her hair down in Jaca, where she also visited the Entadebán club, located next to the Citadel, and danced on the floor with the rest of his friends until well into the early hours of the morning.

Leonor is one step away from her summer vacation. The Princess of Asturias will receive the office of ensign on the 3rd. Her father will be in charge of delivering it to him. The Kings are expected to attend this event, which will take place in the AGM patio. Afterwards, she will divide her vacation days between her friends (with whom she will go on a getaway to a national destination, probably Cabo de Palos, in Murcia) and her family. They will be short, however, because the princess begins her training at the Marín Military Naval School (Pontevedra) on August 30, where she will embark on the emblematic Juan Sebastián Elcano Training Ship.