Who is Princess Leonor’s special friend? This is the question we asked ourselves after the German weekly Colorful published that the heiress has a special friend, a classmate from the UWC Atlantic College of Wales.

As the German media points out, Leonor’s friend is called Gabriel, he is 18 years old and is of Brazilian origin. They studied and graduated in the same center of Wales. In the Telecinco program they have tracked the images of the ceremony on May 20 and have found the moment the students are positioned for the group photo.

At that moment, they detect a young man who, for a thousandth of a second, places his hand on the shoulder of the Reyes’ daughter. “It seems that there is familiarity”, they slide from the Telecinco space, from where they relate this young man, whose image is very blurry, with the photographs published by the magazine Hola de Leonor with her partner and the Kings on Paloma Rocasolano’s birthday in Madrid.