He Seville suffered clad in the garb of cumbersome battles to eliminate the Leganes exiled to Metropolitan Wanda. Just one goal from Ocampos (substitute) already in the first part of the extra time (97 ') freed the Andalusians from the cucumber lock in which they were stuck and qualified them for the second round with no other merit than having more dynamite than the opposite. The Second class resisted with a lot of concrete and little tusk, barely looking out of Bono's domain. The only time they did it was to provoke a penalty by Diego Carlos (114 ') that González Fuertes did not whistle. Without VAR, the stock went to limbo.

Leganés Shield / Flag

Lives Madrid imbued with a polar atmosphere that, camouflaged with a peaceful appearance (how good the grass looked!), kidnapped the duel in its beginnings. Soccer tundra: cold, windy and little else. So much fun was the beginning as biting the snow that filled one of the funds. The summary of boredom had famine numbers. Two shots at halftime, one per team and both to tear through the stratosphere. Its authors, Arnáiz and Óliver.

Magic game (nothing here, nothing there) in which this Seville curdled with substitutes he exercised disguised as a bully First. The ball was his (touching 70%) without knowing what to use it for, rather than to knead it in a slow beat that circulated between this armored Leganes. The usual defensive suit with which Marti plays tightens the seams in Second, but in front of a giant like Sevilla, he felt fetén, although that meant taking shelter in the igloo that was the Risk. Until there, the Andalusian stranger appeared recurrent in a resumption that seemed to be from another party.

Seville Shield / Flag

That invigorating intensity spread, even if only on a half-board basis. Chances trickled down: Idrissi, Jordán, Vidal, Óscar …Finishing heat from which a sinful Lega was also infected in shyness, not in offensive lust. Brown He enjoyed the clearest (from the center of the field) already with the game plunged in the second half of an insurmountable extension, although Lopetegui tried putting heavy artillery, but barren until extra time. There Ocampos He took advantage of a butron on the local right-hand side and scored the only goal of the game, the one that avoided penalties. That, a penalty, claimed the Lega through Diego Carlos in the 114 minute. Without VAR, his screams were vaporous lament.


Miguel De La Fuente (45 ', Sabin Merino), Palencia (63 ', Juan Muñoz), Ruben Pardo (64 ', Rosales), Marcos Acuña (69 ', Rekik), Oscar Rodriguez (69 ', Joan Jordán), Kevin Bua (81 ', Arnáiz), Suso (82 ', Munir), Lucas Ocampos (82 ', Oussama Idrissi), Jules Kooundé (90 ', Aleix Vidal), Fernando (105 ', Óliver Torres), Javier Aviles (105 ', Omeruo), Borja Baston (105 ', Luis Perea)


0-1.95 ': Lucas Ocampos


Rosales (18 ', Yellow) Aleix Vidal (22 ', Yellow) Gudelj (56 ', Yellow) Ruben Pardo (88 ', Yellow) Gaku shibasaki (113 ', Yellow) Bustinza (118 ', Yellow


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