The rojiblanca squad is not practicing self-criticism, at least from the outside. “We cannot blame the players for anything because they have fought until the last minute,” said Rubi after falling in Ponferrada (1-0) with an Almería very far from its best version both in offensive and defensive aspects. On Tuesday in the afternoon session, the Almeria team returned to work and chosen by the club to speak to the official radio of the Indálico club was Lazo, who does not believe that his team made a bad performance in Bercian lands.

Coat of Arms / Flag Almería

“The game was quite prepared, the first half was very close and we didn't play a bad game. They give us a great goal that we have to applaud, but we didn't have a bad match. We are pissed off for not scoring or taking the three points “, the second rojiblanco captain points out, who recognizes that the dressing room is touched. “We are quite screwed because we do not like to lose matches and quite down, but this is very long and we already have our batteries charged to come back strong,” he continues.

The extreme asks for a cool head before visiting Santo Domingo. “People can think and express their opinions freely, but you have to be calm. If we have to be calm, they more. Neither on day 10 we will be in First or Second B. They are 42 days that are long and people have to be plugged in like we will be in the days that remain, “explains a Lazo that awaits a very combative Alcorcón. “We don't have to look at that they have lost one or two games, but rather at us and do a good job. Obviously they will come a little grown after winning and because against Almería any team grows “, last.

Buñuel, goes down to Alcorcón

After performing last Sunday afternoon, those of Rubi will open the sixth day next Friday (9:00 p.m. in Santo Domingo). The Vilasarense technician will have the loss of Aitor Buñuel, who was injured in the Toralín, and that of Juan Villar, who continues to recover from the serious fibrillar rupture during the month of July in full preseason. In the case of the Tafalla defender, the medical tests he has undergone have detected a knee sprain. Pozo aims to be his substitute in Madrid. Another of the proper names is that of Makaridze, who suffers from a muscle ailment not determined by the club, doing field work today. Carriço, meanwhile, is pending evolution due to another muscle injury.


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