Laura Escanes hits bottom: “Anxiety and panic cannot be chosen. I have fired”

The influencer is not going through her best moment. Despite having recovered from their separation from Risto Mejide after five years of marriage and having remade his life with the singer Alvaro de Luna, the last events in his life have encouraged his spirit and his strength. This, together with a workload, has caused Laura Scanes said ‘enough’ “I’ve been anxious for 48 hours and my body needs to stop.”

She herself has explained it to her followers through a message on social networks: “Unfortunately there are things that are not chosen. Anxiety and panic cannot be chosen. If you follow me, you will have seen that these days I have been a bit absent and this week I have had a blast”. And he added: “Sometimes I try to reach everything and these weeks have been very intense weeks, with a lot of work and a lot of accumulated tension. In fact, I have tried to record all my professional commitments in time because I knew that I was reaching my limit”.

Laura explains that her situation has forced her to cancel a work commitment: “On my own recommendation and decision, I have decided to prioritize my mental health. Those of you who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks will know what I’m talking about. Today it was impossible to attend”. And he has apologized for breaking his word with the organizers of the event and his followers: “The pressure continues within me for not being able to give what other people expect even in my worst moments. Support for mental health is shown in things like these. So thanks to part of the organization team that understood it.”

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Last week, Laura enjoyed a quick getaway to Menorca, her “favorite place in the world”, as she defines it, and where she tried to recharge her batteries. She did it with her current partner, the Sevillian singer Álvaro de Luna, with whom she has redone her sentimental life after announcing, last September, her separation from Risto Mejide, father of her daughter Rome of her