The UD Las Palmas has thrashed this Monday at Estremadura (5-1) after a first half hour full of effectiveness, in a game clearly governed by the Canary Islands team against an opponent who could only attend as a witness, in which it was his farewell to professional football.

The little defensive forcefulness of the visitors, together with the superlative effectiveness of the island team, without the pressure of the points at stake or objectives on the horizon, opened a gap in the scoreboard in just 30 minutes in which Alex Dominguez, a Catalan goalkeeper debuting with Las Palmas, attended as a spectator.

The first local goal came with a cross header from Kirian Rodríguez in the center of the area, unopposed, after a very mild center of Álvaro Lemos from the right.

With little time to recover from that first blow, Extremadura conceded the second when Ruiz de Galarreta opened Ruben Castro and the forward went back so that Pedri He will score with his right; Gonzalo Collao got to touch the ball on his way to the net.

In full visitor confusion, Cristian Cedrés reached the baseline and put a low center that Ruben Castro He finished off low to the short post, catching the goalkeeper against the foot.

After three hits from Canarian footballers, the Uruguayan Mauricio Lemos He joined the feast with a direct free kick. The ball, after hitting the inside of the crossbar, ended up in the net, just before the hydration break, which in the case of Extremadura was also for reflection.

Near the end of the period, a forehand from Ruiz de Galarreta that Gonzalo Collao stopped was the only attempt to Las palmas between the three suits that did not end in goal.

With the game completely unbalanced, the second half was a farewell tribute to those footballers who will play with another shield in just a couple of months, when the 2020-2021 academic year is launched.

It also served to improve individual statistics, such as Rubén Castro, that after two minutes he scored again after a good combination between Kirian and Ruiz de Galarreta, matching the fifteen goals he had signed the previous season.

In Las Palmas they played their last minutes Pedri (FC Barcelona destination) and Ruiz de Galarreta (Mallorca), and the Catalan youth debuted Pol Salvador, a rugged debut because a few seconds after leaving he received a strong impact on the head in a collision with his countryman Álex Domínguez, and although he tried to continue for a few minutes, he had to leave the game as a precaution.

Las Palmas had already exhausted all five changes and had to finish the match in numerical inferiority, thus losing the option of gaining weight on an already bulky marker, and on the last play of the match, after a corner, Sabit scored the goal of honor for Extremadura, before returning to the Second Division B.

(+) Check the summary and the goals of the match:

5. You Las Palmas: Álex Domínguez; Álvaro Lemos (Srnic, min. 46), Mantovani, Mauricio Lemos (Álex Suárez, min. 46), De la Bella; Josemi (Pol Salvador, min. 67); Cristian Cedrés, Ruiz de Galarreta, Kirian (Cristian López, min. 67), Pedri (Aridai, min. 73); and Rubén Castro.

1. Extremadura UD: Gonzalo Collao; Ale Díez, Fran Cruz, Borja Granero, Bastos; Carrasco (Lele, min. 52), Sabit, David Rocha (Gao, min. 74), Nono; Manu Mosquera (Airam Cabrera, min. 52) and Álex Alegría.

Goals: 1-0, min. 14: Kirian. 2-0, min. 18: Pedri. 3-0, min. 22: Rubén Castro. 4-0, min. 31: Mauricio Lemos. 5-0, min. 47: Rubén Castro. 5-1, 90 + 2: Sabit.

Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva (Galician Committee). He showed a yellow card to local players Mantovani and Srnic, and visitor Álex Alegría.

Incidents: Match of the forty-second day -last- of LaLiga SmartBank played on Monday behind closed doors at the Gran Canaria Stadium due to the restrictions of the coronavirus.