The participation of Gustavo ‘The Driver’ in Guadalix de la Sierra’s house it is raising blisters. The Campos sisters contain themselves as much as possible and do not go too far off the tongue because they are aware of the great affection that Maria Teresa Campos He felt for his trusted man, whom he loved like a son.

However, Carmen Borrego cannot ignore certain issues because she makes her living on the same network as Gustavo. Thus, regarding Gustavo’s possible plan to write a book, she said: “No one can use my mother’s name without our consent.”

His teammates have tried to tease him, but he has limited himself to saying: “When he tells us, we’ll see.” According to Telecinco, Gustavo would have planned to write this book with journalist Jesús Manuel.

Gustavo’s secret plans

In the last debate of GH VIP, broadcast this Sunday, the program put on the table the three plans that Gustavo would have in mind for the moment when María Teresa died. The first clue was given by Carmen Alcayde in the first days of living together. “I don’t make up my life. They told me something before entering. I don’t want to tell him because I want him to also have his competition, be comfortable and be able to sell that he is a good person and such. And if suddenly has a bad mood, well we’ll see what that bad mood is like.

Ion Aramendi asked Vanesa, Alcayde’s defender, about these words, who had more information because it was Gustavo who would have told Vanesa’s boyfriend, who is a paparazzi, who in turn passed it on to Alcayde before locking himself in Guadalix de the saw. Gustavo had three plans for when his boss died, according to Vanesa. “The first, that when María Teresa died I was going to enter a reality show; the second, go to the Deluxe; and the third is that he was going to write a book. “In Vanesa’s opinion, “the role he is playing, sad and low in spirit, is just that: a role, because he has everything studied,” he noted. .