Lara Dibildos, about the state of health of Laura Valenzuela, 92: “My mother is sick, but she is on the floor”

Concern for the state of health of the beloved presenter and actress Laura Valenzuela. It was her daughter Lara Dibildos, the one that has come forward to clear up rumors and clarify how Laura is, who turned 92 on February 18. “My mother is ill, but she is on the floor,” the actress told the magazine Week. In addition, Lara has added that she is surrounded by her entire family, to which she is very close.

A few days ago Laura had another hospitalization. She was admitted to San Rafael in Madrid with high fevers and indisposition due to an infection and was discharged on March 5, as she reported. The Spanish. It was his daughter Lara who launched a message of tranquility in the program Fiestawhen he revealed that he was fine and that he was at home.

Laura’s family makes a pineapple with the beloved actress and television presenter. The veteran artist, one of the most beloved faces in our country, lives a quiet life away from the spotlight and the public scene.