Joan Laporta he is outlining the structure of his new governance structure and one of the most important charges of the same, that of president of the statutory economic commission, will be held by the until now CEO of Banc Sabadell, Jaume guardiola, as published The vanguard.

The position is key in the operation of the Blaugrana club, since the president of this commission is the one who must check independently the bills of the entity and offer each year a report to the commissioners and it is also who should preside over the manager in electoral campaign periods. Carles tusquets was the last president of the economic commission and served de facto as club president during the four months that passed between resignation by Josep Maria Bartomeu and the victory of Laporta at the polls on March 7.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Jaume Guardiola Romojaro (Barcelona, ​​1957) has been until now the CEO of Banc Sabadell, the entity that covers the guarantee of 124.6 million euros with which the Laporta board jointly covers 15 percent of the last budget of the entity approved by the partners.

Before working for Banc Sabadell, he was part of the dome of the Bank of Bilbao and later from BBVA, where he exerted the direction of the entity in Mexico and Latin America.


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