Laporta does not stop. Not many will be left from the Bartomeu era. After García Pimienta, this Friday afternoon it was the turn of Guillermo Amor, a reference of La Masia and an exemplary character in the club, who has been dismissed. Amor was director of Institutional and Sports Relations at Barça since October 2017 but, above all, a benchmark of the quarry who had done a correct job as a spokesperson for the team, which is what he was basically hired for. Amor already knew weeks ago that he was sentenced to Laporta.

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At the moment, Barça has not appointed any director of Institutional Relations, nor is it known who will act as the club's spokesperson for the First Division pitches. It will be necessary to see if Laporta dares with Enric Masip, his right hand in the presidential cabinet and a volcanic tweeter, who some managers doubt could be an authorized voice for his impulses. In the farewell statement, Barça thanks him for his “professionalism, commitment, dedication and positive and close treatment” that he has had with all levels of the Barça family. And sends him home.