Joan Laporta he has gone through the microphones of ‘El Larguero’ of Cadena SER after an act in a Barça club. The president of the Barcelona has analyzed the state of the club before Xavi’s debut in the derby against him Spanish.

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Cheers for the derby: “I am optimistic and I think we will win. All the Catalans would like a very large result. We have to win, play a good game and start this new stage, with Xavi as coach, I have seen Xavi magnificent at a press conference. Conscious from the situation the team is in, watching him train. I have the feeling that this will go very well. “

Pedri: “More than a relapse, he continues the evolution of his recovery. It is not a relapse. From the club we consider that it should not be precipitated. The muscle rupture needs a little more time. It is what I have been told. The player is evolving well and you do not want to force “.

Cruyff made his managerial debut against Espanyol. Wink at Xavi: “I did not know this information and hopefully it is destiny. Xavi is Cruyff’s heir like Guardiola. This coincidence is beautiful. I am convinced that Xavi will be a benchmark coach for Barça.”

Messi and Iniesta: “They themselves have always said that they would like to return to Barça, I no longer speak as players, I speak as coaches. Each of them has publicly spoken in this regard. It cannot be ruled out that they will return to Barça. What do they come back as players? It does not seem that it can happen because each one of them has a contract in force and my answer was more in the sense in which they would surely return to Barça with another function “.

Moshe Hogheg: “Given the news that came from Israel, we have immediately resolved the relationship. We understand that this information could affect Barça. Barça is above all: we saw it even with the continuity of Messi or with the departure of Koeman … Signing with CVC mortgaged the club. In the case of Koeman we have had to make decisions with a myth of Barcelona. Now we had a supplier with related people who have been detained. “