LaLiga has stressed that the celebration of the Extraordinary General Assembly on December 7 in Dubai “is not illegal in any case” and regretted that the “discordant opinion of a few”, alluding to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona who have announced their absence, intends to modify the growth plans of the majority.

“In no case can said call be classified as illegal since it has been duly called following the internal regulations that apply in these cases in a timely manner. On the other hand, neither the positive regulations directly applicable nor the internal regulations of LaLiga limit the possibility of that the general assembly hold its meetings anywhere as long as this is indicated in the call,” he explained in a statement.

On the other hand, the club employers recalled that “it is not the first time” that the Assembly is held in places other than the registered office of LaLiga.

“Additionally, prior to the Assembly this week, information sessions have been organized on the issues included in the agenda, providing all the information related to it to all the clubs,” he added.

Likewise, LaLiga indicated that the presence in Dubai is “voluntary” and that remote participation systems have been enabled for all associates. “The trip to Dubai, conceived as an immersion for the attending clubs as was done in 2018 in India, is presented as an opportunity to support the international expansion of said clubs and the Assembly is convened taking advantage of the presence of most of the clubs there,” he said.

In this sense, the body chaired by Javier Tebas explained that “no club is obliged” to travel to Dubai to participate in the assembly, since they can do so electronically.

“The convenience of traveling to Dubai taking advantage of an international event in the sector of the importance of a World Cup is absolutely justified. During this trip, LaLiga has organized an immersion in the MENA territory for all those clubs interested in attending,” he said.

The idea of ​​this immersion is that the clubs can learn “first-hand” about the entertainment consumption habits of their inhabitants, the industry or the type of companies that carry out their activity in the territory, “aspects that will be key for the clubs to of LaLiga can better direct their efforts when it comes to expanding in this area”.

Among the sessions that will take place during these days are some that will be led by key players in the digital area in MENA, networking days with other clubs, companies and public institutions, which will facilitate new opportunities for partnership, investment and projection in the region.

Likewise, the clubs will participate in the Investopia International Summit, in which they will be part of panels that will discuss the current and future of the world of football at a global level.

“The objective of this immersion is to facilitate the internationalization of clubs in those countries and encourage local fans to get closer to LaLiga clubs. LaLiga regrets that once again, the discordant criteria of a few want to modify growth plans and development of the majority”, he concluded.