The photos that the Prince of johor hung up on Thursday on the profile of the football club that he directs in his country, they showed that he had spoken with Javier Tebas, President of The league, and other directors of the LFP but from the association of clubs have not wanted to confirm that the subject they discussed was the Valencia.

As the LFP has transferred it to Efe, they discussed various issues related to the development of the football industry in Europe and Asia. From the club association they limit themselves to pointing out that his possible arrival at Valencia is a private matter for Peter Lim, the main shareholder of the Mestalla club.

In the message with which he revealed the meeting, Tunku Ismail said that in the telematic meeting they had discussed “various issues”, although he did not specify that they had talked about Valencia.

From the LFP they assure that for three years they have been working with Malaysia (to which the Sultanate of Johor belongs) for the implementation of economic control and the establishment of a digital and audiovisual strategy.

The relationship with the Malaysian federation and with the Prince of Johor himself, according to the LFP, predates Tunku Ismail opening the door to reach the Valencian club this week.

He did so by posting photos of a report on the club on his Instagram account along with a thoughtful smiley and by revealing hours later and by that same means what he understands the entity needs. Which is basically “soccer people”.

Asked the president of Valencia, about the possible arrival to the club's shareholders and his sports management of the Prince, a friend of Peter Lim, Anil Murthy said he was unaware of this possibility and maintained that the maximum shareholder did not tell him in their recent meeting that there was any news in his desire not to part with the club.


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