LaLiga celebrated this Monday the fifth anniversary of the investment that boosted its international expansion and hopes to give it a “great boost” thanks to its agreement with the CVC fund, according to its Executive General Director, Óscar Mayo, in a virtual meeting with the international press.

In 2017, the LaLiga Global Network was created, an international network that is currently present in 41 countries, with 44 delegates at the destination and another 11 people at the LaLiga headquarters in Madrid. In addition, for its globalization project, LaLiga has 11 international offices, as well as 2 ‘Joint Ventures’ in North America and China.

This international expansion strategy now covers 90 countries and is one of LaLiga’s hallmarks, according to its Executive General Director of LaLiga, Óscar Mayo. “Five years ago we embarked on the ambitious mission to bring the entertainment and excitement of LaLiga to more fans around the world, and to help football grow in all countries. We are very proud that LaLiga and its main players, clubs, players and coaches, are today closer than ever to more fans around the world. And it is only the beginning, because together with the clubs and the support of our new partner CVC we will give a great boost to our international project”, he said .

This internationalization strategy has resulted in the growth of the LaLiga fan community around the world, with 146 million followers, making it the most followed competition on social networks among the five major leagues in Europe.

Among others, this fact is due to its publications in more than 20 languages ​​for 17 different social networks. In addition, international activations have doubled in just two years, reaching 1,222 in more than 90 countries.

Similarly, with the aim of sharing its knowledge to help local football grow, LaLiga has signed 37 agreements with leagues, federations and institutions in more than 28 countries around the world; and another 24 educational ones with international collaborators in 24 countries around LaLiga Business School.

“When it comes to football fans outside of Spain, we always say that we would like to be the second most popular league for any fan, after the local league. National competitions are the real engine of football and that is why LaLiga shares the formula of their own success with leagues, federations and clubs around the world,” added Mayo.


This growing interest in Spanish football and greater visibility on the ground have resulted in a 30 percent increase in global audiences for broadcasts of LaLiga matches since the 2015-16 season. This has translated into a 247 per cent increase in the value of international audiovisual rights since 2013-14, and an increase in LaLiga’s brand value, quintupling the number of sponsors in the last eight years.

“The growth in the number of international sponsors is another sign of the projection of LaLiga’s relevance in the world, and shows that fans, wherever they are from, are closer than ever to our league. Our commercial partners are an important part in LaLiga to involve more fans in many parts of the world”, he commented.

The audiovisual experience is another pillar for the global reach of LaLiga. In recent years, LaLiga has made a significant investment in improving the spectator experience with the use of technology such as drones, ‘skycams’ and volumetric videos that enhance 360º replays.

“We are immersed in an exciting journey to excite people around the world. We will continue to develop bold bets to bring the entertainment of Spanish football to all fans and to engage even more people. This is just the beginning,” concluded Mayo.