The 'Super League Case' increases the number of people involved in the courts. The Commercial Court No. 17 of Madrid has allowed LaLiga participate in the trial by considering itself an affected party. In this way, it joins UEFA and FIFA in a case that has the Super League and A22 Sports Management in the plaintiff, who helped create this new competition. A case in which there are precautionary measures against UEFA so that it does not apply sanctions against the twelve founding clubs of the Superliga.

The judge, by order, has notified that the hearing of opposition to the precautionary measures It will be held on October 1 at 10:00 a.m..

“It will be considered part of the process for all purposes. The intervener will be allowed the necessary allegations for his defense, which he has not made because they correspond to procedural moments prior to his admission to the process. The legitimate and direct interest of the National Professional Football League to intervene in the lawsuit must be recognized as it is directly affected by the precautionary measures adopted and as it is the holder of rights, powers and functions recognized by the Sports Law. that may be affected by the sentence handed down in the main proceedings, “says the order.

In addition, the magistrate also incorporates an order in which It is agreed to raise the period of suspension of the procedure. East was suspended until the Court of Justice of the European Union decided the question raised: “Considering the status of the present proceedings, it is agreed to raise the period of suspension of the procedure, so that the parties can make allegations in the framework of the ordinary procedure and answer the demand, and this without prejudice to the suspension of the period for issue a judgment at the appropriate procedural moment, until the Court of Justice of the European Union, decides on the question raised by this Court “.

LaLiga argued before the Court its legitimate right to appear in person: “After having knowledge of the adoption of an Order that establishes certain precautionary measures where the national leagues and the President of LaLiga are explicitly mentioned, it considers that it has a legitimate interest in participating in this procedure since the decisions derived from it will obviously affect the balance of football in Europe “. And he added LaLiga's request: “The content of these two Cars has a direct impact on the actions and statements of LaLiga, thus affecting its rights, powers and functions as a professional league.” Almost two months after that request from Tebas, the Court gives the green light to include the employer in the process.

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