LaLiga and the Ibero-American Sports Council (CID) signed this Tuesday a direct collaboration agreement with an initial duration of three years and with the objective of working together to promote the development of sports in the countries of Ibero-America.

According to LaLiga in a press release, this agreement “includes as a fundamental axis education and training in the fight against racist, violent or hateful attitudes and behavior in the sporting field.” “This objective will be articulated through awareness-raising and denunciation projects that impact all Latin American countries, relying on the collaboration of influential sports figures who favor the transmission of these messages,” she added.

In addition, the organization chaired by Javier Tebas stressed that “education in values ​​and the importance of inclusion in sport will also be promoted through the creation of resources and educational materials that promote these attitudes.”

The agreement also includes the interest of both entities “in the promotion of female participation in all sports areas, for which activities that contribute to this objective will be organized.” In addition, good governance, transparency in management, the promotion of fair play and the fight against piracy complete an agreement that will allow both entities to work collaboratively to achieve the common objectives of both entities.

“This agreement is one more step in the construction of a safer, more diverse and egalitarian sport in the Ibero-American region, free of any violence and discrimination, and on this path it is an honor to go hand in hand with LaLiga, a reference for football in all the world and with influence on hundreds of millions of people,” warned Sebastián Palacios, president of the CID.

For his part, Javier Tebas believes that this agreement with the CID allows them to “advance in the commitment” of their organization “to fight for the eradication of any manifestation of hate in the field of sport.” “This is an ambition that we share with the CID and that we are sure will be reinforced with this collaboration,” stressed the president of LaLiga.