Guillermo y Harry They are the most media, but Isabel II he has six other grandchildren and all of them have paid tribute to him during the vigil around his coffin this Saturday. However, a special detail on the part of Lady Louise Windsorthe eldest daughter of prince edward.

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The 18-year-old who, according to the British press, was the monarch’s “favorite” granddaughter, has worn a necklace with a horse-shaped pendant. Horse riding is a passion that she shared with her grandmother.

It should also be remembered that the daughter of the Earls of Wessex starred in an emotional moment during one of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events, when she drove her grandfather’s carriage Philip of Edinburghwho passed away in April 2021, and Elizabeth II looked at him excitedly.

This Saturday’s vigil occurs a week after the princess anne became the first woman to participate in the Vigil of the Princes, a ceremony that has already been held twice: after the death of the king Jorge VI and the queen mother. On both occasions only the male descendants participated. This time, Louise was accompanied by her cousins Zara Tindall and the princesses Beatriz y Eugenia.

This is Lady Louise

Lady Louise lives with her parents and brother in Bagshot Park, one of the residences of the royal family that is very close to St Mary’s School Ascot, the all-girls school where she has studied.

In a 2016 interview, Sofiathe Countess of Wessex, recounted how Louise found out that her grandmother and Queen Elizabeth II were the same person: “It wasn’t until she was in school that other children mentioned it and said, ‘Your grandmother is the queen.’ And she would come home and say: ‘Mommy, they say grandma is the queen.’ And I would say: ‘Yes,’ and she would say: ‘I don’t understand what they mean,'” Sky News.