Lady Di’s family home for sale, where the Princess of Wales met the Al-Fayeds

This is the house in which his father spent his last years. Lady Di, The mansion, located at 24 Farm Street in London’s Mayfair district, has been put on the market with a starting price of £10.95 million (€12.94 million). It has four floors, not including the basement.

The previous sale took place in 2002, when it was still owned by Countess Raine Spencer, wife of Princess Diana’s father. It then passed into the hands of Alan and Mary Hobart, founders of the Pyms art gallery, also in Mayfair, who died in 2021 and last February, respectively. Now, their executors are looking for a new owner.

The residence has a constructed area of ​​455 square meters, is Georgian in style and has five bedrooms. The facade is cream colored. It was built in 1980 and acquired at the dawn of the 90s by the father of the Princess of Wales. In fact, John Spencer acquired it as a gift to his second wife, Raine, the daughter of the novelist Barbara Cartland.

The property that Wetherell and Chestertons are selling includes a car park and on the ground floor there is a hall that leads to a reception, a dining room and a family kitchen with access to a patio. The three floors end in an attic with its own terrace. In addition to the bedrooms, there is a library which, according to the British press, was the favorite space of Lady Di’s father. The mansion also has a living room. The basement, with a different entrance, includes a guest room, and rooms to accommodate several service people, as well as a large kitchen.

fabulous parties

Lady Di and her mother’s second wife had no relationship. That’s why it took the princess a long time to set foot in that house, given that when her father died, it was the exclusive property of her stepmother Raine (she called her Acid Raine, a nickname related to “acid rain”). But three years after her mother’s death, around 1995 Lady Di and her father’s last wife were reconciled, coinciding with the news of the divorce of the then Princes of Wales. In 1996, Raine invited her to that house for a celebration where she introduced her to the family of her boyfriend, the Egyptian businessman Dodi Al-Fayed, with whom she would die on August 31, 1997 on the Pont du Alma, in Paris, when their Mercedes crashed in a fatal accident for its occupants. Raina sold the property in 2002 to Alan and Mary Hobart, who settled there and moved their art collection, full of paintings by Monet, Millet, Degas. As Diana’s stepmother, they threw parties that all of London remembers.