The Naughty. This venue in Barcelona, ​​located on Calle Tuset, became the talk of all in June after it was found out that this was the meeting place between Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia when the soccer player was not yet separated, at least publicly, from the singer from Barranquilla.

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Since then, there are many curious people who have passed through this place. Some of them for the first time, letting themselves be carried away by curiosity to know the place where the former Barça central defender had a few drinks with his new love in his twenties. In this sense, the Mamarazzis They say that Tinder appointments (the famous flirting application) have skyrocketed between these walls.

The place is close to Avenida Diagonal and other pubs and discos that liven up the Barcelona nightlife. On their website, they define themselves like this: “La Traviesa is more than an elegant, refined and spacious ‘cocktail bar’ for the coolest people in Barcelona. It is the connection of the elegant and mischievous”.

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Piqué and Clara Chía have confronted in recent weeks the new song by Shakira, Session 53. It is one of the biggest musical phenomena of recent years. It is not for less. With this new song, which has become the best premiere of music in Spanish on different platforms, the one from Barranquilla is dispatched at ease: “She has the name of a good person. Clearly, it is not what it sounds like. She has the name of a good person. Clearly. It is Just like you, uh, uh, uh, uh. For guys like you, uh, uh, uh, uh”.