Adnan Januzaj is closer to continuing at La Real today as of June of next year that of leaving the San Sebastian club. The San Sebastian club plans to meet with the Belgian footballer before the end of this year 2021 to approach your negotiation of your renewal, something that you see today with moderate optimism. In La Real they believe that Januzaj wants to continue dressed as a txuri-urdin longer, so they expect the negotiation to be smooth.

Photo of Januzaj

“With Januzaj we have had few conversations, but sincere and we have some more in the short term”, has pointed out Aperribay on Anoeta. Afterwards, he has expressed a declaration of intentions of the realistic club. “We are going to try but not many times. Maybe a conversation, if you think that your future is the Real one forwards,” he said. “And if the Real cannot face the operation, nothing will be done. But we don’t want to make the Januzaj issue a problem.”. And you have concluded with your feeling about Januzaj. “The conversations so far have been candid with Januzaj and we think he wants to stay “.

Shield / Flag R. Society

Regarding the rest of the conversations to renew players who end their contract, as is the case with Aihen Muñoz and Monreal, Some Aperribay has been quite ambiguous, but from his words it can be extrapolated that everything is going as desired by the Real. “In general they are going well, the rest of the renovations are on the right track”.

Contrary, but not against the Federation

Some Aperribay He has also referred to mess that the Royal has with the Federation in relation to the issue of the famous patch with the logo of the women’s league and for those who have received (for not wearing it) a penalty of three points less, they have taken away a game won. And he has done it with a long speech. “La Real wears the federation logo on both male and female teams B and C, because they are non-professional leagues. And the Royal is committed to women’s football and not to carry a cookie from the federation, it bets more or less. And the CSD indicated in the summer that the women’s league is professional so we would like to know what rules we have to abide by. “

Also slipped Aperribay that it is better that the women’s League is not managed by the Federation. “The future of the girls depends on the federation and the clubs working harmoniously. We do not want to take anything away from the federation, but rather we want to contribute and improve, and development must be autonomous and independent.” And he has also referred to the differences in the distribution of money for the sponsorship of the competition. “I do not believe in complaints, and we have not left the Club Association, because it is an unnecessary pressure on people and they should not be necessary to reach a consensus. I do not think that the federation has done well to manage differently the clubs of the same competition. “And finally he extended a hand to the Federation to help solve the problem of women’s football.” A girls’ league that has a strong career does a stronger federation. We all have to make an effort to resolve a situation that is problematic. And we believe that we have the same fault of them. We do not agree on how the federation has distributed the moneyThey believe yes and we do not, but this does not mean that the federation owes us money, I do not want that to come out. La Real will collaborate with the club association. “