La Real will look for a victory in Monaco on Thursday that will give them the license to continue dreaming of being first in the group and saving the February playoff if they qualify. To achieve this, of course, he needs the goals that he may have missed in the first four days of the group stage, four in four games, which only allow him to have six points.

And that the San Sebastian squad occupies the top positions in a good part of the offensive statistics of the Europa League once the first four games of the group stage have been played. The txuri urdin squad, for example, is the third that has made the most attacks (189), a ranking led by PSV (217) and the third in corners taken (28, an average of seven per game). In centers to the area attempted (90) and completed (36), it also occupies third place in the ranking of 24 in the league. As far as possession is concerned, Real is fourth (58%), far from the percentage presented by the first, Marseille (63%). And it is also fifth in shots on target, 67 in total, which is 13 less than those made by Napoli.