Orange will color the stands of Qatar’s stadiums during the World Cup. The Netherlands team won their ticket to the World Cup on Tuesday after beating Norway, who arrived with options to get into the play-offs, but will finally see the tournament from home. In addition to the team, Haaland, who missed the game due to injury, should look for a new sofa so as not to miss any game with his friend and fellow Odegaard, undoubtedly two of the most notable absences of the next World Cup event.

With an eye on Montenegro-Turkey, both teams came out with the handbrake on waiting for news from Podgorica. If the Turks were winning, the Netherlands was obliged not to lose; if they tied or lost, it was the Norwegians who were forced to step forward. Montenegro’s quick goal made Van Gaal’s men believe they would have a restful night, but Arkatoglu’s draw before half-time forced them not to relax. In Rotterdam, the first half ended with the score intact.

At the time of play in both games, Kocku traced the match for Turkey, which turned the Netherlands-Norway into a powder keg. A goal against knocked out the Dutch and put a Norway in with nothing to lose in the play-off. The worst possible scenario for oranje.

It was 20 minutes of tension for the Netherlands team until Bergwijn, five minutes to go, culminated a great play by Danjuma, which grows more and more every day.s. The goal gave tranquility to a Van Gaal who will return to train the oranje in a World Cup after taking it to the semifinals in Brazil 2014. Already in the discount, Memphis joined the party with a goal in which he ran more than 80 meters to culminate an unopposed counterattack with Norway completely on the attack.