The best team in Spain is in Segovia. There is no club among the 20 teams of LaLiga Santander, nor the 22 of the SmartBank League, nor the 102 that make up the five groups and subgroups of Second Division B nor among 397 of Third Division that reach the sensational numbers of the Gimnástica Segoviana. The city of the Aqueduct boasts for the first time to have the best club in Spain: 'La Sego'.

His baggage is immaculate to date: 13 wins, zero draws and zero losses. There are several undefeated teams in our soccer: Tropezón; Cayon; Union Adarve; CD Mostolés; Leganés B; Xerez CD; Platges de Calvià; Athletic Paso; Pulpileño; Cartagena B; Calahorra B and Peña Sport. All compete in Third, but all have yielded at least one tie. La Segoviana, no. The team trained by the Madrilenian and coach of the 'house' Manuel González Millán and that has the attacker Adeva as the top scorer of the team leads subgroup B of Group 8 of the Third Division with an iron hand. 39 points, by 24 of its main pursuer, Arandina. A feat that makes this modest club founded between 1920 and 1930 proud (there are different versions of its date of origin, although 1928 seems the most plausible) and that He has only played 3 seasons in Second B, the last in 2017-2018 (the other two were in 1999-2000 and 2011-2012). It has never been higher.

To this streak of unbeaten matches, we must add a magnificent record of goals (41 in favor) and only 4 against. The last one, this past Wednesday against Cebrereña (2-1), in a match postponed at the time by the storm Filomena and which could finally be played at the Municipal de La Albuera.

Staying in Third, the goal

It is a pity that these numbers do not serve the Segoviana to promote to Second B, if it continues with that evolution, His highest aspiration is to stay in the new category created by the RFEF. Which would in fact translate into a permanence in Third, since from the 2021-2022 season The non-professional categories of Spanish football are restructured and what was previously called Third will be renamed Second Division RFEF (Ultimately fourth category of Spanish football). If La Segoviana does not get a place along with 89 other teams in that new RFEF Second Division, it would be relegated to the fifth ranking (the RFEF Third Division).


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