The La Cartuja Stadium in Seville this Thursday hosted the first entry of members into the Hall of Fame of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), a first emotional Admission Ceremony that was starred by its first 18 members of this novel initiative with which is intended to recognize and remember prominent players and all national basketball groups.

The largest group that entered was that of players, with the entry of Juan Carlos Navarro, Amaya Valdemoro, ‘Epi’, Juan Antonio Corbalán, Emiliano Rodríguez, Fernando Martín (in memoriam), Maribel Lorenzo (in memoriam) and Arvydas Sabonis, While at the level of coaches, María Planas, Pedro Ferrándiz, the only absent, and Antonio Díaz Miguel (in memoriam) were recognized.

The referee Miguel Ángel Betancor; the contributors Club Esportiu Laietà, Ramón Trecet, Anselmo López (in memoriam), Andrés Montes (in memoriam), the city of Alcobendas and the women’s national team that was champion of Europe in 1993 completed the first promotion that received a golden ball and the insignia that credits them as ‘hall of famers’.

“I have the honor of having been in this position for five and a half years, we have had wonderful nights, but not one as exciting as this one. This is much more, I travel all over the world, and it is the way to thank the admiration that they transmit to me. “, celebrated the federative president, Jorge Garbajosa.

For the head of the FEB, “expressing with words” his feelings during the event was something “very difficult.” “Just say thank you for allowing me to live tonight,” said the former Madrid player.

For his part, Javier Imbroda, former national coach and Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, recalled that he is “one of the many children who grew up with a poster of the national team in the room.” “Thanks to the 18 chosen, you were always an inspiration, thank you very much for everything you have represented and continue to represent,” he said.

The first to enter the Hall of Fame was Ramón Trecet, who claimed to live “one of the most exciting moments” of his life and who came up wearing the same suit with which he broadcast his “last game” for the Spanish team. After him, it was the turn of Carolina Mújica, captain of the historic 1993 European champion women’s team, who dedicated it to Pilar Valero, and Juan Carlos Navarro, happy to receive a “special” recognition and who remembered FC Barcelona and the national team, its “two families”.

Alberto López, son of the historic Anselmo López, celebrated “a great initiative” and gave thanks for the choice of his father, and Nelson and Orson, the sons of the late Andrés Montes, pulled their father’s famous slogan to remember that “the life is wonderful. ” Anabel and Silvia Nieto represented their mother, the remembered Maribel Lorenzo.

Antonio Martín, president of the ACB, picked up the mention on behalf of his brother Fernando Martín, Eva Latorre did so on behalf of her husband, Antonio Díaz-Miguel, and the former Lithuanian player Arvydas Sabonis, the last to go on stage, did not wanted to lose a ceremony for a recognition that he wanted to “share” with Gonzalo Gonzalo, late president of the now-defunct Forum and who was not “afraid” of signing him.

Amaya Valdemoro dedicated it to her father, María Planas acknowledged not having “words for this honor”, Juan Antonio San Epifanio, ‘Epi’, did not forget “all” his companions because without them he would not have been chosen, and Juan Antonio Corbalán, his teammate and winner of the 1984 Olympic silver, stressed that all basketball is “part of the same family and of the same illusions.”

Emiliano Rodríguez recognized his emotion, Miguel Ángel Betancor pointed out that with his appointment “arbitration” was fundamentally involved, Rafael Sánchez Acera and Angel Sánchez Sanguino, vice mayor and second deputy mayor of Alcobendas, received the distinction on behalf of the Madrid town, and Jaume Riera, president of the Laietà Club, who said that his entity “represents what sport should represent.”

The act was closed by the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Franco, who stressed that “one of the great honors” he has had since his accession to the position was to “initiate the file that has concluded with the concession from the Grand Cross of the ROMD to Pau Gasol “.

“Those basketball values ​​are still important and are valid for examples like yours. What you do makes our sport and our country great,” admitted the leader.