Nick Kyrigios tells Andy Murray about his beliefs about the British Tennis Star. While expressing his views about Novak Djokovic, Kyrigios tells Andy Murray that he is better than Djokovic. Although Novak Djokovic is the number one spot holder for the entire year, Nick believes that Andy can surpass him. He also claims to add the Serb “Dodges” his serve while Scot is on it like a light.

As per his own estimation, Nick Kyrigios did log on to his Instagram account in order to bring up the Instagram Live chat from his Canberra home. But he did finish drinking six glasses of wine when he begins the live video chat with Andy Murray. Their interesting video chat takes place after midnight for the Australians.

Nick Kyrgios mention his love for wine saying, “My knowledge and interest in red wine has gone incredibly up during this quarantine,”. Kyrgios is well-known for his withering comments about the leading tennis players over social media. But people must know that Nick did secure the 40th position in the world of Tennis. He still, never did experience going beyond the quarter-finals of the major championship.

However, Kyrgios thinks of Andy Murray as one of his few rivals to respect. While Scot is the one who defeats Novak Djokovic two times back to back. One in 212 U.S. Open and another in 2013 Wimbledon Finals in the following year.

Novak Djokovic, as you all may know, is the titleholder of 17 Grand Slam Singles. Even though Murray only was successful enough to win three titles, Kyrgios believes him better.

Nick Kyrgios tells Murray on their chat, “I think you should have one of the best careers ever. I think you are better than Djokovic.”

He continues, “Djokovic was playing dodgeball on my serve and you were slapping it for a winner. He was trying to dodge it, you were on it like a light.”

But Murray’s response was straight forward saying, “The results would suggest otherwise.”

It seems like Kyrgios is trying to encourage Andy Murray’s high hopes while Murray knows his place and position. From their conversation, we can know that the British player is thinking about playing doubles together with Novak Djokovic and defeat him.


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