Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero It was one of the few positive notes for Barça in the Camp Nou Classic, not only for achieving his first goal as a Barça player, although too late because Real Madrid won 1-2, but because he showed signs of physical improvement and danger in the area.

His positive attitude since he arrived, despite the already overcome muscle injury in a calf, is beyond doubt and was demonstrated in the run-up to the game, when, sitting on a bench where he humorously looked for the best place in dispute with Yusuf DemirHe dared to try to sing the Barça anthem.


He did it still with little success, but he learned something with the help of an expert teacher in Barcelona and Catalan like Sergi Roberto, who, yes, before the constant questions of the Argentine, ended up showing him that the letter could be read on the scoreboard. The When it was then applied to the task. It has to improve, but it is on the way.

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