One more day, Kubo has shone again and has been crowned one of the best of the best Mallorca of the season. In a key match for permanence, the Japanese was fantastic and closed the match with three assists on goal. After the break, he has emerged as a key footballer for Vicente Moreno. What's more, he is already a leader in a team that continues to dream of achieving permanence in the First Division.

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Their statistics speak for themselves: In 83 minutes, he has added 85% in passing precision, has created four opportunities, has participated in four of the goals, has given three assists (Official statistics count him two because Cucho's play bounced off a defender) and has recovered five balls. However, beyond numbers, its impact on the game was total. His connection to Cucho and Budimir is one of the best news on the island.

In addition, it continues to record. As reported by Opta Jose, he has become the youngest foreign player in LaLiga history to achieve more than one assist in a game. He has done it with 19 years and 26 days, while showing that he is ready to step forward and sign with a team with European aspirations.

A future in Spain?

Kubo continues to grow by leaps and bounds, which has sparked the interest of numerous clubs on the continent. As AS advanced, one of them is the Real society, which is the most liked in the club, seen the example of Martin Odegaard. Milan, for example, has also tempted him. In recent days, Dortmund have knocked on their door, but the answer, for the moment, is the same for everyone.

The Japanese footballer wants to stay in Spain, where he has spent many years of his life. He wants to establish himself as an important footballer in LaLiga Santander and, for the moment, Real is the best placed club to take over his services. Madrid, meanwhile, is delighted with his performance and, in fact, personally congratulated him on his great game in Valdebebas.

Between assists, the fact that he is among the footballers who receive the most fouls from LaLiga, his leadership with only 19 years on his identity card … Everything influences that Kubo is one of the great post-pandemic sensations. Today he returned to lead his own against Celta, in a match not suitable for heart patients. Kubo is fashionable and, less important but just as remarkable, it is also a record.


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