When he started to progress at La Masia, Take Kubo (18 years old) was soon baptized as 'The Japanese Messi'. It was a nickname that accompanied him even before his figure, unique in its style and its origins, made headlines. Today a statistic of Alebia Analytics Based on Wyscout's records, it places him at the same skill level as Barça's '10': They are the two players with the most successful dribbles per game, 5.4, of all those who have played at least 1,000 minutes in the league.

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Leo Messi and Take Kubo, the best dribblers in the League.

To Take, whose furnished head, humility and self-confidence stood out in Barcelona as they now do in Madrid and Mallorca, He is not enthusiastic about the comparison with Messi. Almost a year ago, after a Copa América match, to which Japan was invited, they asked him about the nickname of 'The Japanese Messi'. “I don't like to be compared to a player as big as Messi, but I will continue working”, answered. In April, in an AS interview, he spoke about Rosario's: “It is a reference for many young people who want to be footballers, and also for ready-made players; for me and for many left-handers who are not very tall and whose main characteristics are dribbling and good ball handling. Messi is the pinnacle of that. When I was little I watched his videos. “


The similarities are evident: height, short driving, explosiveness, verticality, game vision, silk left-handed … Messi is unattainable, but the similarity that Kubo keeps with him excited first at the Camp Nou and now in Madrid, which was done with his signing last June at zero cost. After that hiring, with José Ángel Sánchez prevailing in the negotiation to the rest of the suitors of top clubs, Take decided to leave on loan to a Primera instead of waiting for an opportunity at Castilla. And it has not gone badly …

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Alebia Analytics data is not the only one that highlights the good evolution of Japanese in Mallorca, very meritorious to be in the penultimate of First, with the difficulties that this implies. He is also, according to Opta, the 10th footballer in fouls received (46), the 27th in innings won (16), the 29th in passes with danger (20), the 30th in intercepted passes (16), the 31st in centers good (7) or 33rd in auctions (28). And with that baggage he will receive, when the competition returns, Barcelona. In the first leg, he presented himself with a pipe to Messi …


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