They are so many years winning that while they are healthy they are the titular trident… Also for Ancelotti. The Italian was finally able to line up the three average men who have marked an era, winners of three consecutive Champions League. “Today Madrid has the most beautiful midfield in Europe ”, defended Capello in AS at the beginning of the season when many retired Modric and doubted Kroos. “And the average is the engine of the team. Surely the three of them will not be able to play all the games to the fullest, they will need breaks, but… ”. Fabio Capello nailed it.

Photo de Kroos

The debate on whether it is a worn stocking was buried yesterday without neither Modric nor Casemiro making a particularly brilliant match. It was enough that Kroos stood out. The architect has appeared just at the moment when Ancelotti needed it most, in the double game against Shakhtar and Barcelona that could have definitely changed the inertia for the worse … but it did it for the better. Now we can only wait for confirmation in the Classic.

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* Data updated as of October 20, 2021

“We have given a lot to Madrid”, Defended himself and his two media companions Modric, in the previous match. “When you play for Madrid you have to accept criticism and get used to it. When you win, everything is great and when you don’t, there are doubts. We are not very concerned, we trust ourselves ”, he completed.

Ancelotti has had time to use the laboratory in the absence of Kroos, who a pubalgia left out the first eight games. Valverde, Camavinga, Asensio … even Isco has had his chance. No other center of the field handles the matches like the one formed by Casemiro, Modric (super pass between the lines yesterday for Vinicius’ first) and Kroos.

Toni Kroos’s general stats.

The German gave one more lesson in Ukraine. He only missed 2 passes of the 82 he tried. He stood out over Modric (68 of 72) and Casemiro (73 of 78). “Kroos has a clear pass, a fine pass, he is not afraid of coming out of the pressure … I do not have to talk about these three players who have won everything that can be won and who continue to have commitment … I just have to applaud them, and nothing else. . ”. The Italian already has his idea clear. It is a 4-3-3, already fixed, with the usual engine room.