The Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos rejected this Tuesday that his team is “favorite” to reach the final of the Super Cup, highlighting the “quality” of the FC Barcelona players, although he acknowledged that he has not seen “many Barça matches from Xavi “, because he has” other things to do “apart from” watching football all day. “

“Lately I have not seen many Barcelona games, we have our games, I also have other things to do than watch football all day … It is difficult for us to know who is going to play and who is not, with which lineup they are going to play, but they have high quality players. I can’t say what has changed from Koeman to Xavi, “said the German at the press conference prior to the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona.

Kroos insisted that in a Classic “there are no favorites.” “It may be that we are better than Barça, but in a Classic there are no favorites, anything can happen. They have a lot of quality, there is no favorite, it is very difficult to know what will happen, but we have no doubts that we want to win” , he stressed.

“The last two three months we have improved a lot, not only the results, but also how we have played. To win things you have to play well, if you don’t play well sooner or later you lose the points. We are still in January, in January you don’t win anything, except for the Super Cup, that’s why we have to continue. The titles are won later, if we think that we are doing so well we are going to have problems, “he said about the moment of Real Madrid.


Thus, Kroos claimed his “experience” at the white club as an argument to achieve victory. “My experience at the club tells me that every competition we play we want to win, no matter what, that is our goal, first to win tomorrow and then to win the tournament. We are ready, we are going to train here now, but I am clear that we are here to win, “he stated confidently.

“Everyone who knows me knows that I prefer to have the ball, but the important thing is that we know how to adapt to the game and know how we can win. If you have the speed that we have above you have to take advantage of it, that can also be a way to control the game. I always prefer to have the ball, the best game would be to have 90% possession and win 1-0. But you have to find the best way to win the game, with as much possession as possible, “he analyzed.

On the other hand, in relation to his performance in the season, he confessed that the beginning of this was “a bit difficult.” “I never started a season with an injury, it was time to stop, I did not want another season with pain. That time I have prepared in the best possible way and it has worked very well. I am in a good moment, saying that he is the best is difficult , I have lived many good years, but surely it is a good moment, I feel physically well. I have been lucky to live many good moments “, he celebrated.

Finally, Kroos praised the figure of David Alaba, a player with whom he already coincided at Bayern. “His evolution has been very good. When I left Bayern he played as a winger, and now he has changed to center-back, it is a very big change. He has not surprised me, he has adapted very well, I know his quality on the field and also off. He’s a good boy, “he concluded.