Toni Kroos (30 years old) has converted the podcast that he shares with his brother Felix, Einfach bad luppen, in an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and uses it assiduously both to analyze the present, to remember the past or to give his opinion on current issues. This time, 'The Best' took up much of the talk. The madridista's brother defended Lewandowski as a fair winner and pointed out that Messi should not have been included among the three finalists: “Lewandowski absolutely deserves it. But, for me, Messi doesn't belong in the top-3, because I think he didn't do well this year.”. For his part, the Madridista lamented the little memory existing in football, a fact that does not allow one to enjoy the successes one hundred percent, since everything is forgotten when defeats arrive … These are the statements of Toni Kroos .

Memory in current football: “You win the Champions League one, two, three times in a row, and four weeks later you lose the first friendly, the first test match, and shit smells again. I wish I could take on the achievements of a season for three or four weeks And, in a way, realize what I have achieved. It's definitely a bit of a downside. “

Surprised to see Klopp ahead of Flick?: “Of course they are both great coaches, based on their successes, Klopp has also had an amazing year. You can see it in both of their seasons. In the end, it's not that important either.”

Flick season at Bayern: “Hansi Flick is one of the characters of 2020, not only did he turn his team into a triple winner, but he has swept all teams and they have rarely scored less than four goals.”

Relationship with Flick: “I only had a problem with him, in the national team (he was Joachim Löw's second). It was when he woke me up several times at the 2014 World Cup to go to breakfast because I liked to leave him out. I did not find it funny, but I will leave him pass”.


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