Johanna Konta
Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta British number one feels that there must be a merger of the women’s governing WTA tennis body with Men’s ATP. Well, that surely makes sense but still, it must only be on equal terms.

Johanna Konta Wants ATP or WTA Merged Together

You all must know that Roger Federer did call for a merger between the two organizations in the last month. It was with the Women’s Tennis Association chief Steve Simon and Association of Tennis Professionals Tour Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi who are now welcome to all the suggestions.

Konta is sitting on the WTA player council and did join some of her fellow women professionals. Johanna calls for an equal position in any combined body in the future.

Johanna Konta, world number 10 tells British Media, “For me, for my comprehension, I don’t understand how it wouldn’t be of equals because if we are then talking about that, would it be us literally saying we are worth less than our male counterparts?”

“It would have to be a merger of equals because that’s what we are. I wouldn’t see how, right now in today’s age, it would be allowed to be called anything else.”

There are seven associations at most that run different parts of tennis in the world. The International Tennis Federation and the Four Grand Slam Tournaments Board are controlling the sport Besides ATP and WTA tours. As of now, viewers surely need to have different platforms on TV to watch tennis matches. While if the tours will merge together then it will simplify TV contracts and sponsorship deals. Viewers will be able to watch the tennis matches more easily.

Konta also added, “I definitely think in the long run it makes sense for it to be one tour, it makes logical sense but I also know there are a lot of moving parts to it, and I know there will be a lot of people who won’t want it to happen, but also a lot of people who do want it to happen”.