How do you face a semi-final against an opponent you recently played against?

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Real Sociedad is a strong opponent. He wants to push and has very clear ideas. In the second part they created many problems for us.

Is the Superocopa a touchstone to see where you can go this season?

The four of us have options and we can win a title. We want to maintain the image of the last games, we are growing and it is the opportunity to show that we are on the right track.

How is Messi?

He had discomfort the other day, like other players. It seems that it will be available just like Araújo.

What is the next step to improve?

Being as effective as the last day is not normal. Offensively we are better, because more people arrive from midfield. Defensively we also work well. We have a margin of confidence.

In agreement with Laporta so that the club is no longer without a president?

In this yes, lIt is important to have everything in place, also on the subject of president. But we are in a complicated moment due to the issue of COVID and health is the most important thing.

How important is it to winning this title?

It is important, it is not the most important because there are others, but we are in the semifinals and we have the mentality of giving our best. We will go out with the best to be in the final.

How is Araújo?

He will work with the group and we have to wait, but I am confident that he can be there. You have done your homework.

Would winning the Super Cup be a game changer?

I don't think so, football is so rare that everything changes very quickly. We must go step by step.

Has the team adapted better to the new drawing?

We are more focused with the ball and without the ball. Many things have improved. The midfield players give us more arrival, but we had tried it before. The question is one of trust

Is Barça the favorite?

I don't think so, it doesn't depend on a moment. La Real continues to be one of the best teams in the championship in terms of football. They are four strong opposites. We are not the favorites. There is no clear favorite.

Is a final against Madrid an incentive?

We have to wait. First play the semifinal and win it. You have to play very well to beat him.

Should you sign in the winter market even if there are no elections?

You have to be prepared, but I don't decide. It is important to have everything in its place, but I do not decide, I prepare the game tomorrow.

Do you plan to play Neto?

If all are well we will not change much. We are going to hang out with the best.

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