Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach, spoke in the press room in the preview of the match against Elche. These were his responses to questions from the media.

-Elche has changed coach. Can the match be similar to that of Cádiz?

-It is true that Elche will have gained confidence with their victory against Eibar. It is a complicated match. I don't know if Elche is going to play as far back as Cádiz but we already know what happens. It depends a lot on ourselves. Of our game with the ball and of defending well at times.

-They are making many concessions. Does this force you to touch the equipment?

-You always have to analyze the state of the team, the physique of each player, the confidence of each player … Errors have cost us points but it is not fair to go for a player or a defender. We have had many opportunities. We do not have the effectiveness that we have to have. We have left things in more points than in concessions.

-Lenglet is being the target of criticism. Have you talked to the player, how did you see him?

-I did speak with Clèment this morning. He is a serious player, a good professional who takes this very personally. As I said before, there are more things. He could do better and has been in some mistakes that we have made, but others have also failed. We also failed in attack and we did not sentence the game. At 2-0, a play is not so decisive that it costs points. It is knowing how to analyze what is good, but you cannot assume that the whole problem is yours. And defend the player, who has to improve things like any player.

-Will it be the owner?

-A player has to be convinced and show confidence. And it also depends on the physical and mental state. And not only with Lenglet, but with the rest. You have to look for the best for tomorrow's game.

-Haaland and Mbappé. Are they the stars of the future?

-This is not the time to talk about other players. We are playing important games. This may be the future of the club, of the new president. We have to concentrate on what is ours because decisive matches are coming.

-Freixa says they will have 250 million. Do they reassure you?

-I don't know if this is true. Until it is known who the president is, we will not know what the future of the coach and the team will be. I will wait until March 8th.

-Is the season played in three games?

-Yes, we play a lot. You have to look for the energy that we found in previous games. We have saved points at home but of the last 13 games we have won 10 and drawn three. I am disappointed to have drawn against Cádiz. If we fail more, there will be no more possibilities to do something.

– Will you give priority to the Cup?

-I think we can still fight for LaLiga because it is showing that there are teams that can score points. It depends on the two games that are coming for us. I am not in favor of thinking that the Cup is more important. It's complicated because we have to come back from a match without an audience, with an audience it's different and it's easier to come back as well.

How is Araújo?

Getting better. he is training with the physios and improving. But first you have to do group training to know if you can get there or not. We have to wait. It is not good to give a specific date because it all depends on how it evolves.

Do you understand that the fans are upset?

We know that in two days everything can change in our world. It can change the opinion of the people, of the press. You have to accept it and move on. The results of PSG, Sevilla and Cádiz have hurt us. But we are Barça, we must be proud to be here. Captains have to create an atmosphere that we go for everything. That is important.

Is it time for the quarry?

We give young people many opportunities. Now, at such an important moment, it is not the time to take more people from the bottom. To get chestnuts out of the game, experienced players have to be there. And we already play with young people. We must find a balance.

How is the mood?

It is normal for it to be lower. But if we win tomorrow we get second and it's different.

What is the problem to sentence the parties?

The problem is not that we do not create opportunities. But you have to ask for more effectiveness from the players above. We had opportunities to make it 2-0, so I'm sure they won't tie you. And during this season we lack effectiveness. The percentage of effectiveness is low for the Barça.

Do Griezmann and Dembélé have to contribute more?

You have to analyze the opportunities they have had. Antoine had effectiveness last month, the previous one cost him … The other day Ousmane had two great opportunities of which he had to score one. Lack of effectiveness in midfield players up.

How are you? Since 2021 the team has had ups and downs.

Today good. After the result of Cádiz, fatal. Because I feel responsible and I am thinking about how to improve things. It affects me. But if I'm going to lower my spirits … This morning I told my players that we can, we can, that the distance is less than three weeks ago. There is hope, and until we have hope we must go through everything.

Are you not protecting the players too much?

Inside, yes. My job is to see, analyze, and make the players see what mistakes we make. If I have an individual meeting, I speak clearly. Criticize in general, you can. Criticize individually, you have to do it one against one when you talk to the player. You have to be direct. But out there you have to protect the players. But inside, you can speak clearly.

Who is the leader?

There are leaders on the team. With Pique, with Sergi Roberto, Alba is an experienced player. Messi up, Busquets … There are people of quality and personality and they have to lead the way. Are important. Tell the young people the way, energize them if necessary to achieve the objectives.

The other day he talked about Dest's disconnections. But the whole team has them.

Sometimes the disconnection is individual, sometimes it is from the team. The other day we did not score the second goal … They are different reasons. But we are still alive. We have to be focused, much more if we go 1-0. We have experienced players to sentence the matches; is what we have to do