If Ronald Koeman has stood out for something since he is on the bench of FC Barcelona, ​​it is because of his non-negotiable commitment to young people. But that youth also demands a toll, which, according to the coach, today the team has been able to pay dearly.

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He has been seen very angry in some moments of the game

The second half we were less focused and we made a lot of mistakes. We have lowered the rhythm of the ball and we have complicated our lives with the 3-2. It is unnecessary. We can't slow down. We have to learn.

With Mingueza he already had his first disagreements in his injury …

Yes. Mingueza is injured, goes off the field and lasted too long on the wing. He had to know if he could go on or not. Oscar told us he could go on. You have to learn, both the doctors and the player. Can not be.

And the row in the second part?

My position with him is a bit exaggerated. He's having a great season. He must learn that being a player at Barça must always be in every game. Pedri has not been at his level today either. The change was not because I was angry, but because I wanted to give Umtiti minutes. But it is clear that neither Araújo nor Óscar have played well. Mingueza can not go so much to the band when we play with three. I have already spoken with him and everything is solved, no problem.

And the change of Piqué?

The change was planned because he was tired of playing the entire final.

Do they feel favorites?

We are not stronger than the other three teams. They are also in a good time. We all have difficult games. It will not be decided until the last day.

Has your opinion on the Super League changed after Laporta's statements and the club's statement?

I already said that I am only a coach, not the person who says the future of this club. The president seeks the best for the club.

How are you seeing Messi?

The decision is in his hands. I'm not going to tell you if I've talked to him about his future. He knows we need it.


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