Ronald Koeman he spoke at a press conference at the end of the game. These were his statements.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

What do you ask of the midfielders? How did you see Pjanic and De Jong?

The system depends on the quality of the players. We can play with two pivots, a ten and ends. There is competition in that regard. Today Pjanic has played, who when he arrived was below the others. And now it's close to one hundred percent. We know that with Frenkie and Busquets there is competition. But it is clear that we can play from that system.

Beyond the result, has the game left you satisfied or worried?

In general, I am not worried about the game on Saturday. We played a good game. We had a hard time getting into the game. Sometimes we have the problem that if we lower the intensity and let the opponents play, we are in trouble. If we command the rhythm of the game, we are very good. There was a great Barça in the first 20 minutes of the second half. It should be noted how the team has played with one less. We are able to hold on and score goals with one less.

Ansu and Pedri do not stop taking advantage of opportunities. How can you keep your feet on the ground?

We can be happy for the evolution of the two players. We know how old they are. Pedri always contributes something for his naturalness, for his game, for being smart. We are happy. Not only for that. They have a great future at the club.

That Griezmann has not played, does it mean that he will start in the Classical?

It does not mean anything. Today we opted for Trincao and then Ousmane entered to gain speed and depth. And we'll see. Saturday is another game. We will go out with the best team that we think of at the moment.

Will you allow Ansu to play the Classic?

Let's let him dream and we'll see if he comes out to play. I don't have my thoughts. As I have said to the players, we go game by game. Starting tomorrow we think of Madrid. We can be happy.

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