The Barcelona coach analyzed the match played by his team before the BarçaTV cameras against Cádiz and complained about the referee's performance.

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Expulsion: “In this country they expel you for nothing. Everybody saw that there was a second ball on the field, except the referee ”.

Analysis: “If you don't score, you don't win a game. In the second half came the fatigue of the opponent, a physical downturn, but the second Frenkie card has complicated us. The attitude was good until the last minute ”.

Subsequently, the Dutch coach deepened his analysis before the media in the press room.

They have ended up expelling him.

Everyone has seen it except the referee. In this country they expel you for nothing. I have calmly asked the referee why? Let's quit because this is not my problem

Sergi Roberto says that it is not good for him to be among the first four. Have you been able to offend your players?

I have already said several times that you have to try to win every game, that you always have to try to win titles. But you have to be realistic. You have to see the squad we have, the people we lack. And I have also said that if we have all the players available … But we have seven to go.

Have you talked to the president in the last 24 hours? What did you intend with the statement?

The president was in the hotel and we greeted each other before leaving. Surely there are more days to talk about this issue if the club wants to talk.

Are you at least happy with the fight? But they couldn't score.

We have shown attitude on the field. We have fought hard but we have not been able to win. We missed some chances up front but we didn't score. That makes it difficult. Of course, we are under pressure and that is sometimes difficult to sustain.