Willy Caballero has jumped in defense of Kepa Arrizabalaga after the numerous critics received this season after having lowered his performance. The 38-year-old substitute goalkeeper for Chelsea has capped his teammate, who has lost the confidence of Frank Lampard, who left him on the bench in the London club's last game in the Premier League and in which the to be or not to be in the Champions League.

Kepa, signed two seasons ago in exchange for 80 million euros, has conceded 58 goals in 41 games and has the worst percentage of stops in the history of the Premier League, with 54.5%, playing ten or more games, which which has drawn endless criticism.

However, Caballero hopes that Chelsea will continue to count on Kepa next season so that he can demonstrate his quality. “Of course I hope he stays,” Caballero told the Express. “I have known him for two years. Last season was very good for him. Other things happened this season, but last year was fantastic. He is still the number 1 goalkeeper for Spain, and he is a great goalkeeper, ”said the Argentine veteran.

“We have a great relationship, first of all, because we speak the same language. We work well together in training. It was the second time Frank had left him out, but in terms of our relationship it has been very good. He has been behind me, he helped me with everything in the games I have played. That is all I can say about Kepa. He has shown us all and a great face, even in the worst moments for him. That is very professional of you. The way he worked during those weeks and in the last week was excellent, ”added Caballero.

Chelsea, not happy with Kepa's performance, is moving in the market to find solutions, although at the moment its objectives, Oblak or Ter Stegen, are out of reach.


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