The ‘red’ coach is confident that Real Madrid’s streak will end

“Thiago and Fabinho are ready”


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said that Thiago Alcántara and Fabinho “are ready” to play the Champions League final this Saturday against Real Madrid, a rival that imposes due to its experience and success in Europe, although it also clings to probability as against whites.

“Thiago and Fabinho are ready for tomorrow. We are really looking forward to experiencing the sensations in the stadium, but we don’t think for a second about how we would feel if we won, I have the patience to wait and see it tomorrow,” Klopp said on Friday at the press conference prior to the final of the ‘Champions’.

The coach admitted Real Madrid’s level of experience. “For some players it would be the fifth time they’ve won, the coach the fourth, we can’t buy this level of experience overnight,” he added. However, Klopp recalled that “the more you win, the more chances of losing”, so he hopes that Madrid will give up their continental idyll.

“We are the right players and coach for this club, some saw it differently when I arrived. If you are a football fan you know that what my boys have done this season is exceptional, but everything is measured by the color of the medal after the game. We don’t care, we’re prepared, history will dictate what people say in these games”, he expressed about the regularity of the ‘red’ team.

Asked about the state of the pitch, the German coach stressed that “in a world of dreams” he would love to play on the “best pitch”, but this is not the case. “For Ancelotti it will be the same. If he wins we are not interested at all. I hope there is no news about this”, he admitted.

On the rumors that place Sadio Mané in the orbit of Bayern Munich, Klopp downplayed the matter. “I’m not worried about the rumors at all, it’s not the first time voices have come before the final. It’s not a problem,” he said. In the case of Naby Keita, the German highlighted his good form to face the final. “There is a period of adaptation in my teams, especially in midfield. It already happened to Fabinho, but Keita was injured in this stretch. He is in great shape and is an important player”, he pointed out.

“It’s not easy to choose the favourite, I don’t have an answer. Looking at the history and experience, the way they celebrate or make comebacks, I’d say it’s Madrid, but we’re at the same level and we want to play our game. If we play at our level We are a difficult team to play against. I don’t care which team is the favourite,” he explained.

Asked about the change of venue for the final, which was to be played in Saint Petersburg, Klopp described the decision as “an important message” for Russia. “Life goes on even if you try to destroy it, we play this final for all the people of Ukraine,” he said.