Than Jürgen Klopp wasting charisma and personality is something that was demonstrated many years ago. The German coach is a figure that goes beyond his role on the bench. If Klopp speaks, the world listens. And if Klopp gets serious and scolds, fans know they have made a mistake. Or, at least, that they have been indicated.

After the massive celebrations in the city center on the occasion of the Liverpool league title – celebrations that led to arrests and even a small fire – Klopp's decision was to scold his fans. Not only because they did it wrong, but because they disobeyed: “I hope you stay home, at the most go out the door and celebrate. In the future we will be together to celebrate it in the proper way,” he warned on television the same night of the achievement. of the Premier.

On Monday, however, Klopp published a letter in the Liverpool Echo, the most important local newspaper, to show your happiness for the title, to express your gratitude for the support for so many months … and to remember that “we cannot waste all the efforts we have made to fight against the COVID-19”, in reference to the altercations produced in el Pier Head last week.

“I love your passion, your songs, your refusal to accept defeat, your commitment and your faith. Even when you are not around, I love how you make sure that The Kop look like The Kop even if it doesn't sound like it always does. But I don't love, and I have to say, what happened on Friday. I am a human being and your passion is my passion, but now we cannot have these public meetings. We owe it to the most vulnerable, “said Klopp, aware that Liverpool has been one of the cities in England most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

He also took the opportunity to define Liverpool through two of his most important legends. On the one hand, he said that Kenny Dalglish “he is the soul for his understanding of the club and what it means to the people” and Steven Gerrard “It's the legs because nobody deserves this title more than him.” Klopp word.


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