PARIS, May 29. (from the Europa Press special envoy, Ramón Chamorro) –

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp acknowledged that Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois made “three incredible saves” that were key in his team’s defeat this Saturday in the Champions League final and that although they played “a good game” the defeat shows that “it was not enough”.

“I don’t know if it’s incredible because it’s a normal result in football. Possession has been at 50 percent, and although we’ve made many more shots on goal, the most important thing is the statistics for Real Madrid and for that I have congratulated them They have scored and we haven’t, it’s the easiest explanation in the world of football. It’s difficult for us,” Klopp said at a press conference.

For the German, “if the goalkeeper is the best in the game, I mean that the other team has done something wrong.” “Courtois has made three incredible saves, but we need a little more quality in the last third, at the end of the game he didn’t make much sense of what we did,” he commented.

“Our best phase was after his goal and also in the first half with Mané making it difficult for his centre-backs. The problem is that when they play deep they are very dangerous. I have seen many good things, but it has not been enough”, he added .

Klopp confessed that it had not “helped” that they played their 64th match of the season, but that it had not been “the reason” for the defeat, especially because of “the chances” that they wasted and that they have nothing to do “with the level physical”. “I think Real Madrid made a shot and it was a goal. We played a good game but when they lost 1-0 it wasn’t enough. I’ve told the players that I already feel proud, they’ve had an impressive season and The two competitions that we have not managed to win (Premier and Champions) have been due to very small details,” he said.

“Real Madrid have done what they needed to do and a final is required. They have a lot of experience and with the most successful coach in European football, but in a very even match, when you lose we thought we could have done better. We gave it our all, but we ended up without reward, that’s football”, stressed the ‘red’ coach.

Finally, Klopp referred to the delay of the game due to problems outside with the entry of some supporters. “I know that many families have had problems when it comes to entering the stadium. There will be an investigation, I have heard not very good things and it has been difficult, but I don’t know more,” he said.