Jürgen Klopp has given an interview for the Liverpool website, where he comments on the news of the coronavirus crisis and how he lived through the last weeks of competition. Their last meeting was the defeat against Atlético, with the consequent elimination of the Champions, of which he is the current champion. The German remembers that week, the days before the game, “Although it seems that we played years ago”, and admits that “it was very strange” to prepare for that game …

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“Two weeks ago, although it seems like years ago that we played against Atlético. I remember that we all knew about the coronavirus situation worldwide, but we were still in our tunnel, if you want, and until then it did not come to our mind in England. On Saturday we had played for Bournemouth, we won and on Sunday City lost, so the information was “Two wins are missing.” But then Monday morning, I woke up and found out about the situation in Madrid, that schools and universities would be closed starting Wednesday so it was very strange preparing for that match, to be honest. Normally I don't fight with things around me, I can build barriers to the right and left when preparing for a match, but at the time it was really difficult. Wednesday the game came, I loved the game, I loved what I saw from the guys, it was a very good performance, apart from the result. On Thursday we delivered and On Friday when we arrived it was already clear that this was not a training session. Yes, we worked, but it was more like a meeting. We had many things to talk about. Nobody knew exactly – and nobody knows exactly – how it will continue, ”says the Liverpool manager.

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Klopp explained how he adapts to this new situation of isolation: “I miss everyone. It's two weeks and I'm not on vacation. You're usually somewhere, and you don't miss your staff or colleagues. But right now, it really is maddening. We miss each other, we really like working together. We have a lot of contact with WhatsApp groups and phone calls, FaceTime, whatever. So we see each other a lot but not as we want. “


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